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Abdil Mahdzan




Name: Abdil Mahdzan

Birthday:  January 22nd

Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Years riding:  since 1997

Favorite Event: Maryhill, Kozakov, Newtons Nation

Favorite thing about riding: Traveling to many different countries and meeting new friends of different cultures and backgrounds

Which do you prefer:

   -Six or eight wheels? 6 

   -Draft or Pass? Pass

   -Centered lean or McBride style?   Center lean


Why did you decide to ride for ZG?
They make helmets which take into account a luger's riding position, sleek, aerodynamic, feels very safe on my head due to the thicker EPS foam in there compared to that of a paragliding helmet. And it has better certifications.



Has your helmet saved your life?
Yes, I crashed in the last corner in the 3rd race round at Lomalinda, Colombia this year. I was leading at the time, took the corner faster than usual, went into the hay, bounced my helmet off the pavement and got up quickly and continued down. I had a very minor headache, if any. Thank you ZG for saving my life or at least from a serious injury!



Give one line of advice about anything you think is worth knowing:



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