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Bea Macalino


Name: Bea Macalino

Birthday: March 24th

Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Years Skating:

Favorite Event: Romero Cup of Longboarding

Biggest success/proud moment in skating: It's when we gather on an event, sharing the same spot, enjoying each others' company and learning new things.

Favorite thing about skating: Being part of a family, where stoke and love comes together.

Which do you prefer:
- Footbrake or Predrift? Predrift
- Draft or Pass? Draft to pass? depends if you wanna pass early or not.
- Heelside or toeside? Heelside

Why did you decide for ZG / What is the best thing you like about our helmet?

I was thrilled when I heard ZG's coming to the Philippines. 
I've tried a lot of helmets through the years, but ZG offers better protection with its shell and a wider view.

Has your helmet saved your life? Yup! Crashed on a left corner during my last race, made an impact to the ground with my helmet. Luckily, it didn't break. Wearing a helmet saves lives, it gives you more confidence and stoke to push your limits downhill.



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