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Berry Plasman


Name: Berry Plasman

Birthday: August 16th 1978

Hometown: Amsterdam, YEAH BABY!!!

Years Skating: 

4 years skateboard (as a kid/teen)

4 years inline street (as a teen)

5 years longboarding

3 years street luge

Favorite Event: Kozakov Challenge

Favorite thing about skating: The speed when riding downhill (on luge) 

Which do you prefer:

   - Draft or Pass? Draft, then pass :)

Why did you decide to ride for ZG?

I have been riding the my m-6 for 3 years now and I really love it. The low nose feature really allows me to lay my head back all the way and have a great field of view. I also like how comfortable it is, the padding holds my head and does not allow movement. The new vents are sweet and let air in so the visor does not fog up. This is ideal luge helmet for sure.

Has your helmet saved your life? 

I'm fortunate enough to have never had any crashes where my head got injured. However if I ever do crash I have full confidence that my m-6 will do it's job. Thank you ZG!!

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