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Caloy Sambrano


Name: Caloy Sambrano

Birthday: December 19, 1981

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Years Skating: 5

Favorite Event: Every single skate trip + Luzon Skateboard Racing Season + Visayan Longboard Trilogy

Biggest success/proud moment in skating: Being the first Filipino to skate Maryhill + Still skating at my (relatively) old age + Landing a double podium (open and masters)

Favorite thing about skating: It's an excuse to go out, enjoy the world and go fast.

Which do you prefer:
- Footbrake or Predrift? GRIIIP or Pre-Drift
- Draft or Pass? Passing after a draft
- Heelside or toeside? Any

Why did you decide to ride for ZG?

To get others stoked out on safety and helmets that make you go faster.

Has your helmet saved your life?

Yes, I already cracked 2 - one was during a race and another during an open road sesh. I bailed hard in both instances, let's just leave it at that. But the important thing is, it didn't stop me from skating.

Share one line of advice about anything you think is worth knowing:

Age is but a limitation to what you think you can or cannot do. Don't let a number be an excuse for you to give up.


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