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Chris McBride


Name: Chris McBride

Birthday: December 11th

Hometown: Tucson, AZ. But I currently reside in Seattle, WA

Years Riding: 16 years

Favorite Event: Hot Heels. Not the one in Africa, the original in Austria

Favorite thing about riding: The adrenaline, the rush, the speed

Which do you prefer:

Six wheels or eight? I was a fan of 6 wheels forever, but now I am an 8 wheel convert

Draft or pass? How about draft to pass.

Centered lean or McBride style: Uhm, isn’t that obvious?


Why did you decide to ride for ZG?


For the longest time about the only helmet that worked well for luge was a snow mobile helmet. I’m pretty sure I bought the last new one about 10 years ago. One of the problems with many motorcycle helmets was sort of a nose guard, but that gets in the way of our line of sight. Several companies were trying to create a decent standup helmet, and many were adapting this nose guard. ZG came along, and made a few modifications to make their helmet work great for both standup and luge, without the pointless nose guard. First time I wore the helmet I could see so well I thought I wasn’t wearing my helmet!


Has your helmet saved your life?


I’m not sure it saved my life, but it sure protected my head on more than one occasion. I was racing in the finals at Eastbourne, on my buttboard. I had a slow push and was in last place, but basically we had a 4 man draft team heading down the hill. The guy in the lead got caught and passed by the second and third place guys. I actually screwed up the previous turn, but the straight to the end was long enough I thought I had a shot at third. I got close to the guy, who had led the entire race, and as we got closer to the finish line I started to slide forward on my board. You can scoot about a foot or so forward, but when you do that you actually lose a lot of control. I got about as far forward on the board as I ever had, but then so did my competitor. Later I saw the video, and I didn’t really have a shot, my foot was about at his waist. The surface was really rough at the bottom of the road, and as soon as we crossed the finish line my competitor hit a bump and slammed into me. Since we both were far forward on our boards, neither of us had any control. He hit me at about 60 mph and knocked me off the road. The side of the road had a grass berm about two feet high, I hit that and was following along, thinking everything was great, I’d just ride it out. Then the world went topsy turvy. The finish line was at a parking lot, and there was a gap in the berm for a walking path, I flew across the gap, hit the other side and tumbled head over heels. One of my friends said I spun on my head like a top, like one of those breakdancing guys. And sure enough there was a huge scratch on the top of my helmet. I ended up with a sprained ankle, while my friend end up in the hospital, re-injuring his arm that he hurt in a previous race. But my head was unscathed thanks to the M-5 I was wearing.


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