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David Dean



Name: David Dean

Birthday:  April 8th

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Years riding: Holy sh*t it's been 15 years. 

Favorite Event: Top Challenge Montreal

Favorite thing about riding:

The best part of competing is having such a large family of riders all over the world who I get to travel and experience life with. 


Which do you prefer:

   -Six or eight wheels?  6 Chix Mo Flos

   -Draft or Pass? Lead the whole way down!

   -Centered lean or McBride style?  Centered and aero.


Why did you decide to ride for ZG?

I ride for the rush, not the danger. Part of the calculated risk is knowing that I can trust my lid.


Has your helmet saved your life?

If a racer hasn't wrecked hard, he will. While I can't think of a single one time that my helmet has saved my life, I can list dozens of times that it has limited a major crash to being just a small one. Thanks Zero Gravity.


Give one line of advice about anything you think is worth knowing:

There are no such things as corners, only opportunities. 


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