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Fast Donnie

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Name: Don Schoettler aka fastdonnie


Jan 3rd, just after the invention of the calendar

Hometown: Huntington Beach Ca. USA
Years Racing: Gravity - 8 

Favorite Event: East Coast Challenge

Favorite thing about gravity racing: Sharing the same passion with people I would never meet otherwise

Racing strategy: Pass them where you catch them

Why ZG: Needed to get away from DOT helmets and into something a lot lighter with better aero and visibility. The ZG had the look and the specs I was looking for and it didn't disappoint.

Has it saved my life: The G cars are a little different than other disciplines of gravity racing in that you are much better protected in a crash and your body is not bouncing down the road, but I feel like it saves my life every time I strap it on and go.

Favorite quote: "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail" - John Wooden 

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