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Giorgio Garino



Name: Giorgio Garino

Birthday: February 11th

Hometown: Piedmont, Italy

Years riding: 3


Results 2015:
-1st place junior and open CSI Italian Championship
-1st place junior IGSA Teolo World Cup
Best Results 2014:
-1st place junior and open CSI Italian Championship
-1st place junior and 2nd place open FICS Italian Championship
-1st place junior and 3rd place open Lozio Skateorum 2014 (IDF WQS)

Favorite Event: Tmi Lilyhammer IDF Wolrd Cup, Norway

Favorite thing about riding: Feeling of freedom, speed, and that adrenaline rush.

Which do you prefer:

   -Draft or Pass? Pass

   -Footbrake or Predrift? Footbrake 

   -Heelside or Toeside? Toeside  

Why did you decide to ride for ZG? Because I think is one of the best and most professional brands of DH helmets in the Longboard world. I have worn many helmets and none are as comfortable as these. Thank you ZG for your hard work in making a nice helmet.

What is the best thing you like about your helmet? The weight is very light and the visor can stay in different positions.  

Has your helmet saved your life? I was in Norway this year when I fell down and I impacted on a vertical pole of a guardrail. The helmet was little scraped and I was really lucky I had this helmet on. 

Give one line of advice about anything you think is worth knowing:

Genuinely take the Golden Rule to heart and apply it to every single thing you do. And skate a lot.

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