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Helmets Save Lives


We wanted take a moment to share this story sent to us by a parent whose son was hit by a car while wearing one of our helmets:

"As I look at this helmet, I know, without a doubt, that your product did save my sons life. What I saw moments after impact would have been much more gruesome as I am certain it would have been his skull that shattered or split instead of the helmet. Miraculously, he landed on the street in such a way that his shoulder took the brunt of impact, protecting his head.

I hope the attached photos can assist you and your team in future developments of helmets. I am forever grateful for your product and its affordability!

A Thankful mom"

"If I had a lesser helmet I may not be alive today, let alone having been able to keep racing."

Frank Williams- 2013 Mens Luge Champion - Team Zero Gravity


I was thrown off the sled and smashed the back of my head on the pavement. The M-5 took all the impact. My brain was fine, I didn’t even get a concussion.

David Aparicio- Team Zero Gravity


"If a racer hasn't wrecked hard, he will. While I can't think of a single one time that my helmet has saved my life, I can list dozens of times that it has limited a major crash to being just a small one. Thanks Zero Gravity."

David Dean- 2014 Mens Luge World Champion - Team Zero Gravity

While we hope that those who ride with our helmets never have to put them to the test, we are proud to say that the m-4, m-5 and m-6 have done their job and helped many survive crashes.

-The ZG Team

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