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Kolby Parks



Name: Kolby Parks

Birthday: January 23rd

Hometown: Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

Years Luging: riding - 14, racing - 10

Favorite Event: Kozakov Challenge, Toronto Board Meeting

Favorite thing about luging: Making passes and going as fast as possible 


Which do you prefer:

     -Six wheels or eight? Six wheels

     -Draft or Pass? Drafting to pass

     -Center or McBride style? Center for aerodynamics


Why did you decide to ride for ZG?

I helped design the original m-5 at Maryhill, so I like to wear it because I know I played such a big part in the vector helmets. 

The m-6 is very light, and it doesn't tire me out when I ride with it. The field of vision is great. 

Has your helmet ever saved your life?

I had a bad crash at Burke in 2014 and I figured that I was going to break bones when I crashed, but my head took the brunt of the impact and it was perfectly fine besides a cut on my forehead thanks to my trusty vector helmet.

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