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Rachel Bruskoff




Name: Rachel Bruskoff

Birthday: May 20th

Hometown: Northridge

Years Skating: 4 years

Favorite Event: Visayan Longboard Trilogy/ Catalina Island Classic/ Kozakov Challenge

Favorite thing about skating: Going wooosh down mountains

 Which do you prefer:

   -Footbrake or Predrift? Predrift, always

   -Draft or Pass? Pass

   -Heelside or toeside? Toesideeeee

Why did you decide to ride for ZG?

To get stoked and stoke others about their awesome helmets! 

Has your helmet saved your life?

When I was in Colombia, on a wet race track, I was flowing down taking it easy.. But then I tried to pass someone. I hit a cats eye and woosh my board was no longer beneath me. I slammed hard and smacked my head. I got up and was perfectly fine. I had a small scratch on my lid, but no major damage was done due to the awesome construction of the lid. Thank you ZG!

Share one line of advice about anything you think is worth knowing:

"Exploration is the greatest education. Open your mind to everything and have fun"

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