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Roberto Marasca


Name: Roberto Marasca

Birthday: September 8, 1983

Hometown: Jesi, Italy


Favorite Event: HOT HEELS, KAUNERTAL,  AUSTRIA 2003 (It was my first world cup event, never forget)

Favorite thing about skating: My favorite thing about skating is meeting new people all the time and travelling to new places and ride with people from different country and watch the different style. Skating allows me to express myself without words. It’s always been my escape from the “real world.”

Which do you prefer:

  -Footbrake or Predrift? Predrift is more fun

   -Draft or Pass? Pass

   -Heelside or toeside? Heelside


Why did you decide to ride for ZG?

I really like the shape and I was impressed by excellent quality of the materials used. The Vector m6 is a multi-purpose helmet, you can use it for longboard, buttboard and streetluge with excellent visibility.

Has your helmet saved your life?

No major accidents to date. A few falls that would have been worse had it not been for my helmet. 

Share one line of advice about anything you think is worth knowing:

Downhill Gravity Sports are the best sports in the world, adrenalin and emotion makes you feel free.

Thanks so much Zero Gravity for your support. I can race with the confidence that my helmet will protect me when I fall. 

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