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Tom Romualdez


Name: Tomas Eduardo Dela Cruz Romualdez 

Nickname: Tommyboy

Birthday: September 15, 1998

Hometown: Calamba, Laguna, Philippines.

Years skating: 3 years fun years full of stoke and love.

Favorite Event: Veggie High IDF (WQS) Carcar, Cebu, Philippines. 

This is one of my favorite events because I am given the opportunity to race with the world's top riders. 

I have dominated in the Juniors division of the local Luzon Skateboard Racing Season and was on the podium of the opens division, during the last 3 big events in the Philippines along with the fastest riders in the Philippines.

Favorite thing about skateboarding:

My favorite thing about skateboarding is that anyone can use it as a platform to make friends, explore the world, and spread the stoke of our passion. Of course the feeling of competing with other riders, helping each other progress and push our limits to higher levels. Skateboarding has helped me grow and “expand” as an individual. It is something that I will have a burning passion for. There is nothing like bombing a hill with a bunch of friends, high up in the mountains, watching the sun set. It is a unique experience you cannot find in any other sport. 

Which do you prefer:

- footbreak or predrift? I prefer predrifting because i find it more challenging and fun. I footbreak occasionally depending on the situation. 

- draft or pass? DRAFT. 

- heelside or toeside? That's a difficult one! I love both! But if you make me choose one, I’d go with heelside.

Why did you decide for ZG / What is the best thing you like about our helmet?

I like the field of vision and ventilation of ZG helmets. Vision plays a big part in downhill skateboarding. They are also certified and reliable, if you take a spill, it will save your coconut! Oh and lets not forget its dope aerodynamic shape and metallic colors and carbon finish. ZG also has different visors for any riding conditions. Being an ambassador for Zero Gravity Helmets is truly a blessing and a good start for my downhill skateboarding journey.  

Has your helmet ever saved your life? Helmets have saved my life multiple times! I can’t even count them! 



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